May 27, 2013

Some of our Favorite Calgary Rides - Chestermere

Chestemere Lake is located east of Calgary and is most easily accessed by bike along the Eastern Irrigation District (EID) canal pathway. It is 26km long, one way from the Max Bell Arena to the trails end at Chestermere Lake.  It is completely flat but has the potential to be difficult if the winds are strong.

It is also possible to extend the ride into Chestermere for food/drinks (our usual route) or if you want to ride around the lake back to the trailhead.

The day I rode it was lovely with slight wind out of the east and bright sunshine.  I started from my home in the SW and rode into Chestermere for some lunch.  The return trip was 80+kms.  One of the best aspects of this route is how it is always completely empty of people.  It starts of by taking you through industrial areas in the SE of Calgary eventually leading you out to pasture land.  There are quite a few road crossings along the route and caution should be used at every one of them due to heavy truck traffic.

Once at Chestermere there is a blue bridge that goes over the canal to a little spot where you can sit on the grass and relax or cool off by dipping your feet in the water.

July 2012 evening ride out to Chestermere.

My Strava recording of the ride is here.

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