Jul 6, 2018

We're Moving To Inglewood!

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." ~ Albert Einstein

The time has come to make a shift.

After almost 9 years in business, we've decided to shift not only where we will be located but also how we do business and what we will be offering.

We're moving our shop into a beautiful, quiet corner of Inglewood - just off the main drag. It will be a little smaller, a little more focused, and a little more fun to operate. We'll be announcing the address of the new shop in a few weeks time.

The last couple of years have found Nadia and I feeling a little off balance, with so many structural changes happening not only in our industry, but in our community, and in our personal lives. The last couple of years have been pretty tough. We have been very conscious of these changes and challenges and felt the time was right to redefine what this business means to us and how we can run it so that we can continue to enjoy the process and offer our best selves to you - our customers and friends.

* New Community * New Format * New Energy *

New Community - Almost since the day we opened, many of the fine folks of Inglewood have been asking us to move our shop there. Being as brand new as we were, moving seemed like a very bad idea at the time. Times do change. We're older. We're more established. We're a destination for customers from all over Western Canada. And we have a new vision for what our bike shop can be. Now felt like the right time. Inglewood is on a tear right now, and we want to be there as this neighbourhood grows up.

New Format - In 2 words, appointments and focus. Yes, we will still be open to the public on regular days but moving forward we will be offering "Appointment Only" service - no more walk-in service - to help us be better and to get you back on your bike in very short order.

You will also be able to book appointments for sales consultations

 ~ Want some uninterrupted time talking about, test riding, and purchasing a cargo bike with one of our staff? Done.

~ Are you thinking about buying a Brompton and want to sit down with us to discuss all the details? Perfect.

~ Maybe you've decided you want a custom build of a new touring/adventure bike or commuter? Yes!

~ Are you trying to get the perfect bike or kid-carrying solution for your children? We want to take the time to get the right fit and model. We want to give you and your family our undivided attention.

Retail has changed. The way people shop has changed a lot in 9 years. When we opened, internet shopping and buying was not really a force in peoples lives like it is now. Finding cool products was difficult but these days, everything under the Sun is now a click away. The new store will have a much tighter focus on what we offer - think emporium or showroom - and will be purposefully limited in scope to the segments we are passionate about:

~ Moving Families

~Adventuring Around Your 'Hood And The World

New Energy - It's no secret that we were finding life on one of Calgary's "high streets" increasingly frustrating and also finding it difficult to be a neighbourhood bike store that can serve everyone.

We've realized we cannot be everything to everyone so we're scaling back what we offer and what we service, re-focusing on our core mission, and bringing a renewed level of enthusiasm back to the shop. Nadia and I are excited to be making this change and we hope you feel our excitement when you visit our new store. Our focus has always been on adventurous families and these changes will allow us to serve you and your families better.

Same Great Stuff - The new store will still be stocked with the coolest bike stuff on planet Earth and we will continue to search for the next best bike product out there. All the cool brands you love are coming along for the ride - and some new ones too! Stay tuned.

But first - we have some business to attend to - 

The timeline of the move is as follows:

July 6th through August 31: EVERYTHING MUST GO SALE.
September 2018: Physical store and webstore closed for business.
October 2nd: Planned opening of the new store.

As we plan our move, we want to acknowledge how grateful we are to have been able to serve all of you for all these years and to express our love for Alberta's cycling community - #yycbike and #yegbike.

It really does take a community to build a bike shop and we would not be here - growing and evolving - if it wasn't for you.

Thank you.

We 💗 you.

We'll see you in Inglewood in October!

Nadia, Sean, Monsieur, and the staff of BikeBike.

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