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Oct 4, 2018

Say Hello To Tout Terrain Bikes And Trailers - Now Available In Canada

Different Pedal Strokes For Different Pedaling Folks. So many possibilities exist when every bike is custom designed.

tout terrain has been around now for a dozen years or so, quietly turning out innovative city and adventure bikes mostly for the European market but recognized around the world as some of the most durable, capable, bomb-proof, and fun-to-ride bike models around.

In their own words - the passion for what they do comes through -

"We still have the same passion for cycling as in the year of our company's founding and we still ride and test our own products. Day-to-day we are optimizing the little things and trying to incorporate customer feedback into the development of our products. In this way, we are continually working to improve every detail. Every single tout terrain product is developed for a very specific area of ​​application and often represents the result of years of travel as well as cycling experience. Simple design and clear contours enhance the functionality of the product. Our innovations can sometimes be very small and rather conspicuous by the "omission" of individual details. On the other hand, we create entirely new products and applications. If something should ever not be perfect for the way our customers want it to, we always try to offer the best service possible to them. We try to focus on what we do best: develop great products. Ultimately, however, only one thing counts for us, your enjoyment of our products when and wherever you use them."

Every tout terrain model is made from the highest quality steel tubing. The term "steel is real" has been bouncing around in the bike industry for decades and there are reasons for that:
  • high resistance - the material can take a beating
  • high modulus of elasticity - great steel bikes have a certain something that you can feel when riding them
  • comparatively easy to handle - steel is easily repairable no matter where you are on the globe
  • easily recyclable
  • lower energy consumption to produce steel compared with aluminum
"But is it heavier?" Not necessarily. Very high quality steel alloys can often be comparable in weight to aluminum tubing but offer a much more comfortable ride for a longer period of time. The latest alloys, which are used by tout terrain, come close to the weight of aluminum but with significantly better long-term properties. This increases the long-term suitability of the frame with a reduction of potential damage susceptibility.

Every tout terrain bicycle is made-to-order by you, for you, and your lifestyle. There is no assembly line of robots churning out cookie cutter bikes: Every bicycle is custom-built. All of their human assemblers make bicycles entirely from start to finish and thus see what they have created and take pride in the quality. Their environmentally friendly, in-house powder coating facility also allows them to design a special product and to fulfill many requests - including custom paint colours.

Each day, a committed team of cyclists proudly creates products bearing the label «Made in Germany».

Panamericana full suspension touring with Pinion 12-speed gearbox - your Alaska to Argentina adventure wagon.

You can start the process of acquiring one of these incredible machines at home by using their CONFIGURATOR TOOL which allows you to select the model you're considering, the drivetrain you're keen on, and options to change almost every other part and accessory on the bike to suit your preferences. The 6-step process eventually generates a specific code for your exact bike configured and lists the retail price in Euros. Keep in mind that price does not include import-to-Canada duties and currency exchange. Alternately, if you are unsure of which model you want, come to the shop and we can go through all the options together.

Your bike. Your favorite colour.

Every tout terrain purchase includes:
  • a complete consultation and fitting session before we order the bike to ensure the proper model, size, and colour is ordered
  • once the bike arrives we'll fit you on the bike, including stem/handlebar changes as needed
  • follow-up adjustment sessions as required
  • one year of free service including tune-ups as needed
  • free "library card" to our extensive Saddle Library to ensure you and your posterior are well connected to your new bike

Scrambler GT 650b Gravel Grinder. Or ultra capable off-highway tourer. Or daily urban commuter pothole eater.

Our Via Veneto demo. Low-step frame, Rohloff 14-speed drivetrain with Gates Belt Drive, dynamo lighting, slightly modified and outfitted in this photo for Nadia on our bike touring trip in Quebec on the P'Tit Train Du Nord.

Our demo Outback bikepacking/trail bike with tout terrain MULE trailer Sean took on a 4 day trip from Elk Pass to Kimberley on The Great Trail this past August.

tout terrain trailers

The Singletrailer in action. Designed to handle real mountain bike trails and epic multi-day excursions, the Singletrailer is unique in its design, quality, and function.

The Singletrailer is the ideal bicycle trailer for those who want to enjoy the mountains together with their families. With the Singletrailer, real mountain bike tours are possible, even across the roughest terrain: The child sits gently suspended and cushioned (travel 200 mm) in a chassis produced from extra-light but highly durable CrMo steel with a roll bar. The five-point seat belt ensures additional safety. The Singletrailer is just 45 cm wide – and therefore narrower than your mountain bike – and weighs only 9.5 kg.
  • Compatible with 29" bikes
  • Air sprung suspension with travel 160mm or 200 mm (adjustable)
  • Stable and crash-proof frame with roll bar from CrMo steel
  • Lateral forces have hardly any effect on your child thanks to corner banking
  • High quality, long lasting Cordura fabrics
  • Five-point safety seat belt with padding
  • High quality, comfortable seat made from breathable material
  • Seat with PU foam prevents the child from becoming chilly or overheating
  • High quality CNC-produced joint with ball-bearing for connection to the bike
  • Extremely low rolling resistance due to single-tracked design
  • Simple handling due to the low overall weight of just 9.5 kg
  • For children from 3 months (with baby carrier) to approx. 5 years (max. 25 kg)

To get a sense of how amazing these trailers are, check out this link to Instagram.

Thanks to its suspension, the Streamliner trailer bike is perfectly suited to real rough terrain cycling and extended touring. Once the child has grown out of the Singletrailer the fun really starts because your offspring can come along without the physical demands being too much for them.
  • 160 mm suspension travel
  • High quality air sprung shock for infinitely variable adjustment to the body weight
  • High quality CNC -produced joint with ball-bearing for connection to towing bike
  • Ergonomic, smooth-running and child-friendly components with high performance brake
  • Compatible with 29" bikes
  • Easy handling due to the very low weight of 8.9 kg
  • For children between 4 and about 7 years respectively up to a maximum of 35 kg body weight
When your kids grow out of the Singletrailer, the Slipstream suspended tag-along allows you to show your child the fun and freedom of off-road adventures into the wilderness.

The MULE trailer just east of Fernie, BC - August 2018.

And if cargo is your thing, the MULE trailer is supremely capable in any condition. The suspended and single-wheeled bicycle luggage trailer is a unique product for off-road and on-road cycling and ideal for bicycle touring. Also for mountain bikers who are crossing the Rockies or those who just want to take their bike on an unsupported trip with luggage, the Mule is the perfect means of transportation. Because of its width of only 45 cm and its single-wheeled design tracks right behind you, capably following your line and banking into corners with you. On tour, this bike trailer is a loyal companion, transforming a mountain bike into a touring bike. Once you've reached base camp, the trailer can be disconnected and on day trips you can enjoy a unloaded ride around the town you're in or a fun trail ride, unencumbered. Even on rough sections, it can be run without problems and you almost forget that you are traveling with a trailer. With its large load capacity, it is also great for family trips as parents can easily carry the luggage of their children. Using the same hitch system as the Singletrailer and Streamliner the trailers can easily be interchanged between bikes.

  • Adjustable spring travel of 160 mm (off-road) or 120 mm (road)
  • Simple and easy handling: only 6.7kg dry weight
  • Single-wheeled design enables dynamic riding qualities with a load
  • Center of gravity optimization of luggage for different usage models. Lower balance point and reduced ground clearance for street usage, higher balance point and ground clearance for off-road usage
  • Can be easily disassembled and stored flat
  • Compatible with 29” bikes
  • Permissible maximum weight 45 kg

Trailers are now in stock in our webshop and available for shipment across Canada

If you are interested in more information about these incredible bikes and trailers, drop us an email, or give us a call at the shop - we'd love to chat.

Thanks for reading.

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