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Nov 6, 2018

BikeBike 2.0 - Canada's First Everyday Adventure Boutique

What is an "Everyday Adventure Boutique"? 

We've always been focused on everyday transport cycling since we first opened the doors in February 2010. When we opened almost a decade ago, we felt that the bike shop ecology in Calgary was really one dimensional - focused almost exclusively on sport cycling, dominated by the same me-too brands in every store, and lacking in diversity - and we all know diversity helps any ecosystem be more resilient and healthy. In this case, we're talking about the bicycle culture ecosystem in Calgary.

There was no place to buy traditional European-styled, upright city bikes, bike mounted baby seats, or even good quality baskets. Most shops had zero idea what a cargo bike was or why you'd even want one. Even touring/adventure bikes were almost non-existent in the marketplace - you'd be lucky to find a dusty model jammed in the corner of your local shop.

We set out to bring these practical, durable, capable, and fun to ride bikes to you - and at the same time get more bums on seats - in an effort to change the bicycle ecology in Calgary for the better. We feel like we've succeeded so far but there is more work to be done.

The Boutique or perhaps Atelier part is easy: Small is beautiful. We're small on purpose. We feature unique and hard to find products, imported from all around the globe - in a store designed to be peaceful, comfortable, and with a focus on your experience.

We're focused on getting you setup with the right bike - For You - not just a bike that might happen to be sitting on our sales floor in a size that might work for you. We've worked hard to curate a large range of bike brands, in all styles - whether you're after a full suspension electric mountain bike, a classic do-it-all city commuter, or a touring rig you're going to ride around the world - or anything in between - your bike is uniquely you and you deserve exactly what you're looking for.

Our workshop is located in the store and all manner of projects happen there: Whether it's standard repairs to customer bikes, custom builds for customers, wheel building, or new bike assemblies - the wizard behind the bike stand is always present, though he may not be wearing a pointy hat.

Experience a guided test ride. Touch and feel that lock you're interested in. See how parts and accessories are suppose to work on your bike. Enjoy a coffee and one of Nadia's amazing baked goods around our table with us. Relax for a few moments. You deserve it.

Small And Slow Is Beautiful

As we head into our 9th year in business, and open the doors on BikeBike 2.0, we look in the mirror to reflect on past experiences and the way we were doing business in the old BikeBike. There is a lot to love when looking back: hundreds of bike parties hosted in the city, thousands of smiling new bike owners, the creation of some of Calgary's most enduring bike events - think full moon rides, Cyclepalooza, Tweed Rides, Ice Cream Rides - ya, we started all that - with many of those events continuing today.

There where also a lot of things we didn't love about how the old BikeBike worked and over the last couple of years, as we looked closer at those challenges, it became increasingly clear to us that we needed to break free and re-invent what we felt BikeBike is and could be into the future.

There are almost daily stories in the media about how the retail landscape is changing - quickly - and the bicycle business is not immune to these challenges. Whether its the rise of online shopping, big box stores getting bigger, small retail getting more specialized, climate instability, even changing demographics - all of these disruptions seem like an opportunity to us.

As we move forward, here are some of the things we're working on -

Appointment Service - Perhaps our biggest challenge in the past was offering effective, timely, quality repair services. Modern bikes are becoming more specialized everyday, with more technology, more specialty parts, and increasingly electrified.

In BikeBike 2.0 , we will only be servicing bikes that were purchased from us or are brands we offer in the shop. Think: boutique service. All service appointments will be booked through our online Appointment Scheduler and the goal is to have every repair completed within 24hrs - and in some cases, completed while you wait. We understand that for many of our customers, their bicycle is their primary mode of transportation, and being without it severely impacts their lives. If, for whatever reason we cannot complete your repair in this time frame, we have on offer service loaners you can use until your own bike is back in action. Free of charge, or course.

Appointment Sales Consultations - We also want to extend the appointment service to our customers who are considering purchasing a new bicycle. Whether it's a new Brompton, a cargo bike, an electric city bike, or an adventure/touring bike - every bike purchase is important and so is the process. There are a myriad of considerations to be made for you and your needs and you deserve to have our undivided attention when considering such an important purchase. In some cases we'll go out together on an extended test ride too.

If you're planning on a new adventure/touring bike, we'll take the time to fit you using our new system (starting early 2019) - we want you to roll out of our shop with the bike of your dreams.

Nadia (far left) coming back from an extended test ride of electric bikes with a couple customers. Today's electric bikes are easy to use and have many features that may not be obvious when first trying one, that's why we strive to go with you so you can have a more complete test ride experience.

Assembling Great Bikes For You - Looking for a new city commuter? Perhaps you're planning an adventure and need a touring or bikepacking bike? We want to build you your dream bike. With the aim of ensuring every bicycle purchased from us fits like a glove and is perfect for your specific needs, for most of our bikes the process begins with a conversation with you assessing:

- Your specific needs whether it be a daily rider, cargo bike, electric, folder, or something more unique.

- A fitting session using the System to ensure the right sized bike is ordered is included with your deposit

- Every new bicycle purchased receives complementary Saddle Library access

- A followup session after to purchase your bike ensuring the bike is perfect and future follow-ups as required for stem, handlebar, and seat/post adjustments

- Guaranteed to fit and take your every day adventures to the next level of comfort and fun

- One full year of unlimited free tune-ups and adjustments to keep you rolling in style

Happy Campers

Focused On The Future - Kids bikes. Utility and cargo bikes. Electric vehicles. Durable, practical, and fun to ride adventure/touring/commuting bikes. All of these styles are the future in a carbon constrained world. True car replacement options. Bikes and gear to keep your family fit, happy, and healthy. Bikes and products you'll treasure and keep for decades instead of discarding after a few years of use. Durable products that you can pass along to other families when you're kids grow up. These considerations matter more than ever.

Where - Our new address is:130-1439 10 Ave SE, best accessed from 14 St SE. There is plenty of bike parking right out front of the shop as well as plenty free parking for automobiles.

When - We have new business hours too...

Thursday 11am - 7pm
Friday 11am - 7pm
Saturday 11am - 6pm
Sunday 12pm - 5pm
Monday 11am - 7pm
Closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and all STAT Holidays

Thank you to our family, friends, and customers who have supported our vision of what a modern bike shop could be, we are so grateful for your love and support.

Happy Trails!

Sean, Nadia, and Monsieur.

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