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Oct 27, 2018

Now Available on The Prairies: Riese & Muller Electric Bicycles

Riese and Muller's humble beginnings in the early 1990's started with 2 friends designing a revolutionary folding bike in their garage and has since expanded into one of the planet's most innovative e-bike manufacturers with retailers across the globe.

R&M believe the electric bicycle is the future of transportation and are bringing to market bikes that offer incredible ride qualities, very high quality construction, and flawless operation.

R&M only offer electric bikes. Their focus is singular: Manufacture the best ebikes. Their ebikes are available for the following uses -
  • City Cycling and Commuting
  • Cargo Carrying and Family Cycling
  • Trekking and Touring Ebikes
Every Riese and Muller is custom assembled at their factory in Germany and shipped directly to us. This affords you the option of owning a bike made specifically for you and your needs. Every bike has options you can choose to customize it for your lifestyle. Pick a model, configure it the way you like, and we'll order it for you.

Wait times vary so remember, good things come to those who wait.

Below are just a few examples of the models they offer.

City Cycling and Commuting

You'll look forward to going to work aboard the Charger Mixte with Bosch's PowerTube battery hidden in the frame.

Boost past gridlock all the while riding whichever path opens up in front of you - all year long - on the Nevo.

Cargo Carrying and Family Cycling

Cars are soooo 20th century. Safe. Efficient. Capable. All the errands and your family onboard at the same time. The Load full suspension cargo bike offers the highest level of control and comfort for 1/4 the price of the cheapest electric car.

To hockey practice and beyond. Or the Costco run without the parking lot chaos. Or weekend camping trips into the backcountry. The Multicharger midtail cargo is available with optional dual battery technology giving you close to 300kms of range on a single charge. Ride to the trailhead and beyond.

Trekking and Touring 

All day comfort. All your stuff onboard. Easy on/off with the low step through. The Culture GT is here for you and destinations only you can dream.

The first truly worthy touring ebike. Deelite GT incorporates dual battery technology to break down worries about range and offers full suspension design to even out every surface. Load up. Head out. Call us when you get back.

We are eagerly awaiting the first of these beautiful bikes to arrive, anticipated arrival in late 2018. By Spring 2019 most of our demos should be in-store to test ride too.

If you are interested in these bikes, book an appointment, we'll provide the coffee and cookies, and let's talk about R&M and go for a ride together. 

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