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May 22, 2019

The BikeBike Passport Rides - Fish Creek Loop

This ride is part of our "BikeBike Passport" rides around Calgary. Complete all the rides earn a special BikeBike prize. 

All rides are mostly off-street/pathway and are of varying lengths/difficulty level to accommodate all of you that love adventures.

The longer routes do require some level of route finding/navigating as Calgary does not yet have very good (well, barely any actually) route finding system. We've attached links to Map My Ride/Strava routes to make it really easy to use your smartphone. 

Other rides in the series - 

Distance: 60kms
Difficulty Level: Moderate to Hard: Some hills, wind, distance.
Estimated Time: 2-1/2hrs - 5hrs


This is - without question - our favorite bike ride in Calgary. Long enough to be a real effort, packed from end-to-end with views, woodlands, wild animals, more views, kilometres and kilometres of ridiculously fun-to-ride pathways, and more views again. This ride never disappoints. 

However, depending on the time of year - be prepared. Bring all the food and water you'll need as services are not directly adjacency to the pathways and bring rain/warm gear in case the weather turns. Also, be aware that there could be unanticipated pathway detours/closures.

We usually start downtown but you really could start anywhere along its route. We prefer a counter-clockwise direction but clockwise is fine too.

Have fun!

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