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Nov 6, 2018

BikeBike 2.0 - Canada's First Everyday Adventure Boutique

What is an "Everyday Adventure Boutique"? 

We've always been focused on everyday transport cycling since we first opened the doors in February 2010. When we opened almost a decade ago, we felt that the bike shop ecology in Calgary was really one dimensional - focused almost exclusively on sport cycling, dominated by the same me-too brands in every store, and lacking in diversity - and we all know diversity helps any ecosystem be more resilient and healthy. In this case, we're talking about the bicycle culture ecosystem in Calgary.

There was no place to buy traditional European-styled, upright city bikes, bike mounted baby seats, or even good quality baskets. Most shops had zero idea what a cargo bike was or why you'd even want one. Even touring/adventure bikes were almost non-existent in the marketplace - you'd be lucky to find a dusty model jammed in the corner of your local shop.

We set out to bring these practical, durable, capable, and fun to ride bikes to you - and at the same time get more bums on seats - in an effort to change the bicycle ecology in Calgary for the better. We feel like we've succeeded so far but there is more work to be done.

The Boutique or perhaps Atelier part is easy: Small is beautiful. We're small on purpose. We feature unique and hard to find products, imported from all around the globe - in a store designed to be peaceful, comfortable, and with a focus on your experience.

We're focused on getting you setup with the right bike - For You - not just a bike that might happen to be sitting on our sales floor in a size that might work for you. We've worked hard to curate a large range of bike brands, in all styles - whether you're after a full suspension electric mountain bike, a classic do-it-all city commuter, or a touring rig you're going to ride around the world - or anything in between - your bike is uniquely you and you deserve exactly what you're looking for.

Our workshop is located in the store and all manner of projects happen there: Whether it's standard repairs to customer bikes, custom builds for customers, wheel building, or new bike assemblies - the wizard behind the bike stand is always present, though he may not be wearing a pointy hat.

Experience a guided test ride. Touch and feel that lock you're interested in. See how parts and accessories are suppose to work on your bike. Enjoy a coffee and one of Nadia's amazing baked goods around our table with us. Relax for a few moments. You deserve it.