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May 30, 2020

New Bikepacking Route: Canals For Daze

Fans of the WID Canal (Western Irrigation District) pathway to Chestermere will likely understand why we were intrigued by the idea of riding more of Alberta's canals: It's peaceful, completely car free, often people free, with wide open views of this beautiful part of Alberta.

One of the interesting parts of the canal system is that it follows a "lay of the land" route instead of the monotonous range/township grid offering an ever-changing view ahead which makes riding out on the Prairie a little less boring.

After some digging in the 'ol intranetwebs this past winter, I found a map of all of the irrigation canals in Southern Alberta and very quickly began linking together some of these canals with those boring rural roads to try and create a route that was available earlier in the season than mountain routes, would be safe and easy for new bikepackers, and explore a part of Alberta often forgotten about.

May 6, 2020

Introducing Access Courier Mobile Repair Service

Hyper-Local Courier And At-Home Bicycle Repair Services

Say hello to Calgary's first dedicated electric cargo bike logistics and at-home bike repair service.

Offering delivery services for small business - Access Courier can help you get your products to your local customers on time and on budget.

Apr 13, 2020

Southern Alberta's Seasonal Car Free Parkways

** Be sure to check with local authorities before venturing out to these locations **

** Plan ahead: Do not visit small communities unless absolutely necessary **

** Leave no trace. Practice safe hygiene and distancing. Take precautions against Covid **

Check out "Physical Distancing Road Loops In Calgary" 


Is there anything more dreamy than cycling on a highway closed to vehicle traffic?

Here in Southern Alberta, we are lucky to have a handful of highways that are seasonally closed during the winter that are available to cycle on in the weeks leading up to their opening. For some cyclists, taking advantage of these closures to cars is a seasonal treat - with Highwood Pass being the "classic" that most everyone knows about.

There are other options too for people looking for something different, perhaps a little more accessible than Highwood, and even a few gravel options for all you folks that have hopped on the gravel bike bandwagon.

Below are 5 rides we'd recommend you check out before the gates open to cars.

Mar 27, 2020

Physical Distancing Road Loops In Calgary

Cities around the world are realizing that while we all need to work hard to reduce our contact with each other to slow down the spread of COVID-19 - so called social distancing or physical distancing - our cities and towns have given over so much of our road space to the automobile that it is almost impossible to maintain the 2 metre spacing on many of our sidewalks, urban shopping areas, and recreational pathways.

Feb 22, 2020

Benno Ebikes - True Sport Utility Bicycles

Benno's range of electric bikes are truly unique in their design. Blending elements from large, heavy cargo bikes as well as positioning and styling cues from traditional bicycle design, Benno's electric assist bicycles flatten hills, shortens distances, blunts headwinds and lightens cargo weight, leaving only the joy of two wheels.

Sep 5, 2019

Is Electric Bikepacking Is The New Black? - The Final Chapter

Ebike designs are getting crazy and we decided that we'd see how crazy we could get with by heading deep into the forest service roads of eastern British Columbia.

For more perspective on the potential fun and potential limitations that ebikes can offer bike touring and bikepacking adventurers - have a look at these other trips we've done.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Scroll past the video for images and trip details.

Jul 30, 2019

Bikepacking Old Porcupine's Choice Loop Alberta Canada

It might have been about 2-1/2 years ago when, on a winter's day off I asked Nadia if she'd join me for a day in the car exploring some country roads I saw in the backroads map book I have. On this day we ended up finding one of the most lovely country roads I have ever had the pleasure of driving and so it began: Trying to loop together a new gravel/bikepacking route on roads (I was sure) that most local cyclists - even the adventurous ones hadn't ridden.

Further map studying showed me there was, what looked like, a road that ran north-south, west of the Forestry Trunk Road in the Livingstone PLUZ and after some more car-based exploring I was convinced it was there.

The last piece of the puzzle was some more car-based exploring of the Skyline Road in the Porcupine Hills PLUZ this past Spring. BOOM! A loop was possible.

So here is the ride report. My buddy Connor agreed to ride it with me and we set off on a Friday night after work so we could start early the next day.