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Jul 19, 2019

Is Electric Bikepacking Is The New Black? - Chapter 2

Check out THIS link for Chapter 1.

Trip Notes:
  • If ebike touring is in your future, invest in a "fast charger" for your bike (if available). The regular charger that will be supplied with your bike will not charge fast enough for mid-ride recharge which may limit how far you can ride in a day.
  • The hillier the terrain, the faster you'll run out of juice. There is no magic way to determine how far you can go on a charge, so be conservative and try to use the lower power modes to extend your range.
  • Ebikes are heavier than acoustic bikes which can mean more technical trails may become very difficult to navigate and very difficult to hold onto in tight terrain. I had to dismount and walk the bike through a few technical sections on Jewel Pass and it was almost impossible to push the bike up some steeper inclines - even while using Walk Assist.
  • You'll feel the extra weight of the bike/gear - keep that in mind. As mentioned in the video, my upper body got a lot more of a workout then expected.
  • You stay seated a lot more on an ebike so proper saddle selection, positioning, and "under carriage" care is paramount.
  • If you're bike comes with a kickstand, leave it on! Trying to lift a loaded ebike up off the ground would be no fun.
  • Ebike touring is still hard still have to pedal the just go further.

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