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Apr 13, 2020

Southern Alberta's Seasonal Car Free Parkways

** Be sure to check with local authorities before venturing out to these locations **

** Plan ahead: Do not visit small communities unless absolutely necessary **

** Leave no trace. Practice safe hygiene and distancing. Take precautions against Covid **

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Is there anything more dreamy than cycling on a highway closed to vehicle traffic?

Here in Southern Alberta, we are lucky to have a handful of highways that are seasonally closed during the winter that are available to cycle on in the weeks leading up to their opening. For some cyclists, taking advantage of these closures to cars is a seasonal treat - with Highwood Pass being the "classic" that most everyone knows about.

There are other options too for people looking for something different, perhaps a little more accessible than Highwood, and even a few gravel options for all you folks that have hopped on the gravel bike bandwagon.

Below are 5 rides we'd recommend you check out before the gates open to cars.