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Jan 24, 2019

The BikeBike Passport Rides - Pathway 100km

This ride is part of our "BikeBike Passport" rides around Calgary. Complete all the rides earn a special BikeBike prize. 

All rides are mostly off-street/pathway and are of varying lengths/difficulty level to accommodate all of you that love adventures.

The longer routes do require some level of route finding/navigating as Calgary does not yet have very good (well, barely any actually) route finding system. We've attached links to Map My Ride routes to make it really easy to use your smartphone. 

Other rides in the series - 

* Fish Creek Loop

Distance: 100ishkm
Difficulty Level: Hard-Very Difficult
Ride Time: 5-7 hours

It is no secret that Calgary is home to an incredible network of off street recreational pathways - but not just any network, it is North America's largest pathway network - approaching 1000+ kilometres. The network is primarily based along the Bow and Elbow Rivers, as well as Nose Creek in the north but also has connections from the main river pathways that go off into neighbourhoods that are in the far-flung corners of the city. 

This ride uses 95% pathways and a little bit of inner-city road riding on roads that are not too busy.

This ride is a combination of 2 of our other favorite rides - 

- Up-and-Over Nose Hill
- Fish Creek Loop

This is a ride everyone should try. It is a worthy goal worth setting and will reward you with incredible views, wildlife sightings (if you're lucky), takes you into some of Calgary's most beautiful inner city wild places, and offers you bragging rights (if you complete it) with your friends.

The traditional starting place for us has always been at Eau Claire Market but there is no reason why you can't start it anywhere along it's length. Find a spot that is close to where you live and go for it.

We usually ride the 40km loop up and over Nose Hill in a counter-clockwise fashion and counter-clockwise on the southern 60km loop - giving us the best opportunities for fun descending and - if you're lucky - tailwinds for lots of the loop.

Let us know in the comments if you've ridden the loop and how it went. Have fun! 

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