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Mar 15, 2010

Enjoy Your Commute and Save Money - Ride a Bike!

Many know that Calgary has some of the most expensive parking rates in North America - with the average centre city monthly parking costing $400 per month.

Here are some prices I found with a quick search this morning -
- Impark $325-480 per month
- Calgary Parking Authority - $400-480 per month
- Calgary Transit Lots - $150 per month (incl. parking and transit pass)

So, without getting into how much your car costs per month to operate (insurance, gas, monthly payment, etc) it is pretty obvious that driving your car to work everyday is a very expensive way to commute.  Even if you can park for free at your place of work, you still need to incur all the normal operating costs associated with car ownership - which are begged at close to $10,000/year in Canada.

There is another option - ride your bike.

Alright, OK - I have heard all the reasons why riding a bike to work doesn't work for you (yes, you, especially you!).  There are a myriad of excuses people put up to make it seem like riding a bike to work is not possible for them - but it is possible for many, many people - you just have to consider your options.

- Calgary has a handful of Park-n-Bike lots that are free to park in, offer quick easy access to the core, and are situated along our incredible pathway network.  If you live in the suburbs, you can drive to one of these lots, park, hop on your bike, and pedal into work.   While you are at it, cancel your gym membership because you won't need it anymore.

- Calgary has one of the biggest pathway networks in North America and there are many places you can park near the pathway and off you go.

- Calgary's streets are primarily a grid network, meaning you can often find alternate routes to where you need to go away from busy arterial roadways. 

So, maybe your biggest issue is that you do not have a bicycle to ride.  Buy one.  Buy a good one.  Park your car at home during the spring and summer and put those 4 months of saved parking fees directly into a new bike.  You would end up with a great bike, fully outfitted for commuting in your regular clothes - with the added benefit of being able to go grocery shopping with it or simply riding for fun on the weekends - and you will get fitter and happier!

What can possibly be wrong with that?

Mar 9, 2010

Batavus Breukelen

A skid of Batavus Breukelen's are around the corner and due to arrive Wednesday this week - and we are really excited to be receiving more of them!

Some words direct from our supplier's website - "...the Breukelen is made special for the North American market. With its lightweight aluminum frame and seven speeds, the Breukelen can go anywhere, any distance, and over any terrain. With its matte black frame and clean Helvetica font, the Breukelen taps into the lifestyle market with its refined good looks and eminent no-frills practicality."


There are some more words here and here offering more info on what makes these bikes so amazing. 

Come on by the shop later this week and take one for a test drive.  You won't regret it!

Mar 4, 2010

The Muppets Ride!

I grew up in the 80's and watched every single Muppet Show episode, and still ca't seem to get enough. So, when I saw this, I had to post it because it made me smile.

I hope you smile too!

Mar 2, 2010

2010 Brodie Remus

Direct from the Brodie website - "The Remus is an easy choice for the minimalists in the crowd. A natural single speed out of the box, the rear flip flop hub lets you choose to run with the fixed gear crowd. A cromoly frame, slick reach-adjustable brake levers and high flange hubs make the Remus more than just a looker at a very wallet friendly price."
Stock Remus

We concur.

I picked up one of these for use as my daily commuting bike, and after a few modifications (which can be seen in the photos below) and a few longer rides I am happy to say that this machine is very fine indeed!  I elected to set mine up with a more upright position, full fenders, and fixed/brakeless.  Here are the changes I made:

- removal of stock bars, stem, brakes, and pedals
- addition of Velo Orange hammered fenders, Velo Orange bars, Cardiff leather Balmoral grips, and my own wheelset with a 15/18 fixed cogs.
Fender CloseUp
Glamour Shot

With a MSRP of $699, this bike is a very affordable option for those looking for a great handling road bike, but with classic touches, and impeccable quality afforded by Brodie. There are so many way to customize this ride - maybe adding an IGH of one sort or another, or simply putting on a riser bar for a more upright position - the possibilities are endless.

We have a few in stock right now, so when you have some time, come on down and check these great bikes out.

See ya out there!