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Top Bike Stories for Calgary in 2013

2013 was another great year for cycling in Calgary.  The city has continued to see more people choosing to cycle more often, even in winter.  Although many wish the pace of bicycle infrastructure installation would move faster, myself included, we should consider 2013 another great leap forward for a more healthy, safe, and connected Calgary.

I have asked the #YYCBIKE Twitteratti to weigh in on their bike story moments from the last year - here are the responses and a few of ours (in no particular order):

1. The Calgary Parking Authority is planning on adding more bike parking spaces in the parkades they operate downtown.  This is welcomed news as there are not enough secure public bike parking spots downtown. 
Bike parking in downtown parkades. #top10yycbike#yycbike@BikeBikeYYC
— Joshua Crough (@smokeycrow) December 28, 2013

2.  3 years old?  What?!  Wow!  This festival continues to grow, evolve, and enlight all who enjoy it.  CANNOT wait for 2014!
@BikeBikeYYC Cyclepalooza!
— Calvin …

Multimodel Fatbiking

With no car of my own, and none available to easily borrow I decided it was time to fire up the multimodel experience and head down to Fish Creek Park for some fatbiking on trails that, at least in summer, are super fun to explore.

With the West LRT line passing close by my house and the Ctrain network extending all the way down to Fish Creek I figured it would be an easy, relatively fast, and warm! option for getting down there and back without a car.

Temperatures when I was at the station waiting were around -11c with it forecast to drop a little throughout the day.  Total time to get from my front door to Canyon Meadows station (start of the ride) was a reasonable 45 minutes.

Fish Creek Park was also damaged in the June floods and as a result many of the designated mountain bike trails were impassable or simply gone altogether.  Navigating through the park to find the good trails was a little bit of guessing, remembering past rides, and blind luck.

At one point I found myself o…

Winter Cycling Wear - Sean's Fatbike Commute

Perhaps the most asked questions and concerns from people when you tell them you cycle in the winter are -

"How do you stay warm?"
"What do you wear?"
"Are you nuts?!"

Staying warm is not as big a deal as many might think.  While riding in temperatures below -20c present bigger challenges, anything warmer than that doesn't require much in the way of special preparations.

For 0c down to about -15c most people will find that simply adding another layer to what they normally wear in cold weather is enough.  It goes without saying that good gloves, a scarf or neckwarmer, and warm headwear are mandatory in the wintertime.  It's very possible to be very comfortable in cold conditions - in fact, the biggest challenge is often over heating.

So without further adieu, below is what I was wearing on my "long way to work" fatbike ride today.  My ride took about 1-1/2 hrs and the temperature was a nippy -23c with not much wind.  I was chilly for ab…

Holiday Season Hours of Business

The snow is here, the holiday season is in full swing, and gift giving and buying is about to go into high gear.  We are going to open before and after Christmas Day more hours than ever before to assist you with your bikey gift giving.

Our Holiday Season hours are as follows -

December 17-18, 10am-5pm
December 19-20, 10am-7pm
December 21, 10am-5pm
December 22, 12pm-5pm
December 23, 10am-5pm
Christmas Eve 10am-3pm

Closed Christmas Day
Boxing Day 10am-7pm (there will be stuff on sale, see below for Boxing Day deals)
December 27, 10am-7pm
December 28, 10am-5pm
December 29, 30, 31 Closed
Closed New Years Day

Boxing Day Deals - Dec 26 27 and 28 only

- All Brooks products - 20% off
- All Ibex clothing - 30% off
- All Levis clothing - 30% off
- 2013 Brodie Revel reg. $999 on sale for $699
- 2013 Brodie Romulus reg. $849 on sale for $599
- All 2013 bikes are on super blow out, minimum 20%, deeper discounts on select models
- Let's make a deal! Everything in the shop will be on sale.

Normal fall/wi…