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Dec 19, 2013

Winter Cycling Wear - Sean's Fatbike Commute

Perhaps the most asked questions and concerns from people when you tell them you cycle in the winter are -

"How do you stay warm?"
"What do you wear?"
"Are you nuts?!"

Edworthy Park, Calgary 

Staying warm is not as big a deal as many might think.  While riding in temperatures below -20c present bigger challenges, anything warmer than that doesn't require much in the way of special preparations.

For 0c down to about -15c most people will find that simply adding another layer to what they normally wear in cold weather is enough.  It goes without saying that good gloves, a scarf or neckwarmer, and warm headwear are mandatory in the wintertime.  It's very possible to be very comfortable in cold conditions - in fact, the biggest challenge is often over heating.

Double sundog rainbow man! Whoa dude!
So without further adieu, below is what I was wearing on my "long way to work" fatbike ride today.  My ride took about 1-1/2 hrs and the temperature was a nippy -23c with not much wind.  I was chilly for about 5 minutes (Protip: this is what you want to aim for) but quickly warmed up.

Winter cyclechic, 'Berta style!

Starting at the bottom and working up - 

- 45nrth Fasterkatt winter cycling boots
- Hot Chilly's knee high wool ski socks
- cycling bibshorts
- Levis Commuter 511 jeans
- Ibex Woolies 150 long johns
- Mission Workshop Sanction Backpack
- Ibex Woolies 150 Long sleeve tshirt
- BikeBike mid-weight lond sleeve wool jersey
- Ibex WoolAire Jacket
- Louis Garneau Lobster style gloves
- Buff "poler" neck warmer
- Ibex wool beanie
- Lazer helmet

After arriving at work I simply peeled off the wool long john's and changed into my work shirt and shoes. 

What do you find is the key to enjoyable winter cycling for you?

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