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Feb 22, 2013

Exclusive 1st Look - 2014 Salsa Beargrease Carbon

New stuff is always exciting and with fatbiking being on the front edge of newness it is probably fair to expect that there would be lots of new developments in this exploding segment of the bike market.

Well, here is some seriously awesome newness.

Enjoy a couple photos of Salsa's new carbon Beargrease. More info coming soon.

In the meantime, start saving your pennies (or dollars) and get in line for one of these beauties!

2014 Beargrease Carbon with carbon fork. Claimed weight around 25 lbs.

2014 Carbon Beargrease' at rest. 

Feb 12, 2013

Transportation Cycling is Rising Fast in Calgary!

Calgary's bicycle advocacy organization - - has been doing amazing work these last few years and it seems to be paying off.

The City of Calgary has deemed bicycles as an important and necessary component of the overall transportation mix and has finally (in the last few years) begun to aggressively pursue more bike friendly streets and infrastructure.

The great folks at BikeCalgary deserve your praise and support!  Many thanks BikeCalgary!

Today they released an interesting infographic showing quite clearly that bicycle use is on a dramatic rise here - have a look -

What are your observations?

Feb 6, 2013

Retro Rides are the new Gran Fondos

If you are into riding road bikes for recreation or perhaps competition you have no doubt heard the term "gran fondo" mentioned by your friends or maybe read about such events.  While the term may be new to us in North America, these events - previously called cyclosportif rides, or randonees, or audax rides - are not and have been going on for as long as people have been racing bikes.

Most of these events are not for the faint of heart, or lungs, or legs - and take place over sometimes very long distances (200+kms) so participation in them is usually limited to the "lycra-clad" folks.  

However, the times are changing.  Events are starting to pop up all over the world that appeal to a more casual bike enthusiast - think Tweed Run - but also events of a slightly longer, more adventurous nature are also becoming popular.

I came across these three events and wanted to share them because I think they reflect back to us a new found love of the bicycle and all that it offers us including style, romance, adventure, freedom, and lest we never ever forget the most important thing - fun!

In Italy - 

In France -

In Belgium -

Calgary's annual Tweed Run is happening again this May Long, hope to see you there!

Feb 2, 2013

Calgary Company Sets Up Own Bikeshare System

Scott Meyers from Matrix Solutions showing off one of the bikes they are using for their bikeshare program.  Photo Credit - Katie Turner, Metro Calgary.
A local Calgary company came up with a unique way to get between their offices and their clients offices that doesn't involve taxis or personal vehicles - they setup their own bikeshare system.  

We are really proud to have been able to help Matrix Solutions get this program up and running and without further adieu, I'll leave it to Scott to explain why they decided totake this bold step -

CBC Eyeopener interviews Scott Meyers from Matrix Solution

Metro Calgary Coverage

"When we started working on the idea to start a bike share for our coworkers we had to decide on a bike that would serve our purposes.  We desired a bike that would be sturdy, reliable, safe, and stylish.  We wanted to find a bike that would accommodate the largest number of rider sizes and abilities, as well as something that would be safe and fun to ride.  We were also looking for something that would be relatively maintenance free as we didn’t want a mechanic on staff to look after our fleet of bikes.  

The Batavus Bub caught our attention due to its sturdiness and ability to accommodate different types of riders. The three speed internal gear hub that our bubs are outfitted with is perfect.  The gears give the rider a few options. They can pick up some speed on a long straight stretch between home base and a meeting they are running late for or that pesky climb over the small hill they might encounter on their across-the-core lunch mission will be easily conquered.    With fenders and a chain guard the bikes are super clean to ride, keeping all of the road grime on the road. The Bubs also offer the possibility of adding a few accessories; such as a basket or rack, and fenders to make carrying a briefcase or some office supplies easy.   All in all, the Bubs offer a solution to all of the requirements we have for our bike share program and they are sure to give our employees many hours of sound use. 

Matrix wanted to use these bikes not only as a means to get our people around quickly and safely, but also as a means to showcase our company to the City. That Batavus Bub’s unique style catches the eye and we hope to draw attention to Matrix, and the Matrix Bike Share Program.

Matrix Solutions has an internal Environmental Committee that’s comprised of dedicated employees.

The Environmental Committee is dedicated to environmentally-sound practices that reduce the Environmental Footprint within Matrix Solutions’ sphere of influence. 

The mission of the Environmental Committee is to identify, promote, implement, and monitor environmentally prudent initiatives that stem from the company’s environmental goals and that coincide with current organizational goals. These initiatives will focus on reducing the Environmental Footprint in three key areas: our office practices, our field operations, and our local communities.

Guiding Principles:
1. Minimize waste through the reduction, reuse and recycling of materials. 
2. Reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions. 
3. Educate staff members and the community on how they can reduce their environmental footprint and encourage them to do so. 
4. Develop purchasing practices that improve environmental conditions. 
5. Reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources."

It will be very interesting to watch how things go with this program and who knows, maybe other Calgary companies will see the benefit of such programs and start their own.

Congratulations Scott and Matrix Solutions!