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Everyone from 8 to 80 Years Rides in Holland


Red Dresses, Yellow Bobbins, and Ice Cream

Call to Action! BikeCalgary AGM October 13th

Hey Folks!

Calgary's biggest and bestest bike advocacy group - Bike Calgary - is holding its AGM tomorrow (October 13) and everyone with an interest in commuter/utility cycling is invited.  Elections will be held for a new Board of Directors as well as a few surprises.

You do not need to have any experience to be on the BoD - just a desire to see more and better bicycle infrastructure in Calgary and a willingness to volunteer some of your spare time in that pursuit.

IMO - we in Calgary are in a very unique and exciting position with regards to bicycling - a new bike friendly Mayor, a newly passed comprehensive bike strategy, new bike lanes popping up, and plenty of media coverage of all of these exciting developments. 

Now is the time to devote some of your energy to pushing the bicycle agenda forward - get involved!  Come to the AGM, meet other bicycle people, and find out what your city's bike advocacy group has planned for the coming year.

See you there?

"A Day's Messing" Short Film

Brilliant little film, worthy of your time.

A Day's Messing from Jeff Seal on Vimeo.

New 10 St NW Bikelanes - Traffic Chaos or Hot Air?

The City of Calgary sprung a surprise on everyone this week with the installation of a pilot project bike lane on 10 St NW, running from 5 Ave NW all the way up to Confederation Park and beyond. 

With this new project, they have instantly created one of the best bike routes in the city because it actually connects to something - the downtown core to the central NW via the Kensington/Sunnyside neighbourhoods and passing right beside SAIT/ACAD.  People who live in this area now have a safe, connected route where none existed before.  Thank you City of Calgary!

On the flipside, the City has also created an awful lot of animosity and negative press by the way this project happened - essentially out of thin air, with no warning, and no consultations with communities along its route.  As I understand it, 10 St NW was slated to be repaved this fall and this route has been "on the books" for close to a decade.  If the new bike lanes were painted now it would save a lot of money bec…

Coming to BikeBike in 2012 -Touring Bikes and Accessories

One of the founding missions of BikeBike is to provide everyday transportation options for our customers and, to date, those everyday options offered by us have been primarily city bikes - which is to say, a more sit-up style and posture on the bike characterized by the classic "dutch" style bike. 

However, if you live a good distance from your place of work, or need to bring more stuff with you, or want just one bike to use for both commuting to work, recreational/charity rides, and grand fondos on the weekends, you may want a different bike - perhaps something more efficient than a pure city bike but still comfortable - and this is where touring bikes are an perfect option.

"But it looks like a road racing bike".  Well, perhaps so to the untrained eye but there are a few significant differences between a performance road bicycle (think Lance Armstrong and lycra) and a road touring bicycle.  Here are a couple key differences -

1. Touring bikes tend to have much hi…