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Jun 3, 2012

Weekly Roundup of Interesting Bike News June 4 2012

 The "Weekly Roundup" is a new series we'll be running on the blog to keep you up to date on lots of interesting bicycle related news floating around the intranetwebs (my new favorite non-word!).

Bikes are cool again and everyday there seems to be more news coming from all over the world about how bicycles are changing our communities for the better.


"Bike your way to a fitter, happier you."
Look around the streets of any major city today, and it's obvious that the cycling landscape has changed. Once the domain of a lone spandex-clad athlete, the road now hosts throngs of well-heeled cyclists pulsing along, baskets and backpacks stuffed with lunches and laptops.

"Faced with legal and financial challenges, BIXI bike sharing program in a cycle of uncertainty."
Calgary had a short, if heated, debate this winter about launching a service that is painting cities green across North America: a public bike share system.  The concept got a lukewarm response from politicians, who balked at the potential $2.5-million price tag and, before demanding further study, prohibited the use of public cash for a start-up.  As Alderman Shane Keating told a newspaper at the time, “if we’re going to get in business, then we better make sure it’s one that makes money and doesn’t cost the taxpayer.”

"Bike Island: Festival rolling out cycle-friendly initiative"
Sled Island and biking go together like cold beer and a hot day," says Colin Smith, Sled Island’s sustainability coordinator. "Ever since Sled started people have been biking, but we’ve never really supported it.

"Wheels for Wells ride inspiration of 10-year-old Calgary boy"

Clean, fresh water: it’s the elixir of life and something that Canadians take for granted. Sadly not all of Earth’s inhabitants are so lucky, a fact that 10- year-old Alex Weber has taken to heart.  “I found out that there are thousands and thousands of kids dying every single day from water-related diseases, just because they didn’t have access to safe water and I thought that was crazy,” says Alex.

"Pedal Revoultion"
New York City isn’t known as a biker’s paradise. Overcrowded subways, pedestrian packed sidewalks, yellow taxis snarled in traffic and noisy buses – yes. Yet even fast-paced New York City is heading in the direction of places like Portland, Paris and Copenhagen, which have embraced and promoted bike culture and bike sharing in the urban environment.

"Inspired To Ride By Her Son"
 It started last year, when, in a desperate attempt to rid myself of the nagging guilt I felt at leading my son into a life of inactivity, I hatched a crazy plan to not renew my driving license. I’m pretty sure even that would have been a fad, had I not very purposefully painted myself into a corner by starting a blog about my proposed journey.

"Canadian Automobile Association Promotes Bike Safety"
In Canada, an increasing number of people are commuting to school or work on a bicycle while many simply ride for fun or exercise. With so much traffic on the road, it’s important that motorists and cyclists work together and understand their roles and responsibilities and share the road.

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