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Holiday Season Gift Guide

With the holiday gift giving season just around the corner we thought we would whet your whistle with a few products that we think would be great to receive and equally fun to give.

We have broken down the gifts into a few categories based on price, so, find your comfortable price level and come on in for a visit.

Under $25

Items in this range are great for your bike riding friends or as stocking stuffers.  Here are a couple of our favorites -

DringDring Bells - Handpainted in beautiful Montreal, these bells come in many whimsical flavours and, as the name implies, have that classic "dringdring" sound when rung. $25
Crane Bells - quite simply, some of the most classic looking bells around and our #1 selling bell.  There are 4 models to choose from, all with slightly different tones.  $18
NiteRider Lightning Bug and Stinger Lights - available in 6 colours with easy on/off removal these little lights pack a punch.  The 1/2 watt Stinger taillight is visable up to 1km away.  $17-$25…

Winter Cycling Thoughts and Strategies

First off, let me confess that I have come to love the “frigid season”.  Cycling in winter is fun with all that slipping and sliding, you generally keep really warm due to the extra effort required to pedal in snow and ice, you have the pathways almost to yourself as fair weather cyclists are hiding till spring, and motorists are going much slower (generally) than summer due to the road conditions and often leave more space between themselves and you.

The keys to a successful season of winter cycling are"

1- Preparation of your bicycle
2 - Planning of your clothing choices
3 - Route planning around the city

Your Bike

If you already have a bike you use for commuting or running errands, you can do a few things to that bike to get it ready for winter:

1 - The most important accessory is a set of full fenders, if you don't already have them. Full fenders will keep you dry and keep the nasty road salt off your bike too. There are sizes to fit most, but not all bikes, and this s…


Alright folks, now is the time to get in on some ridiculously good deals on remaining 2010 bikes.  The sale will run until these bikes are all gone to happy new owners.  Here is the breakdown...

Brodie Ocho regular $1150 now $950! - 53cm and 56cm only
Brodie Romax regular $1899 now $1499! - 57cm only
KHS Urban Soul regular $419 now $359
KHS Green regular $379 now $289!
Batavus BuB regular $649 now $549!
Dahon Ciao P8 regular $1199 - now $899!
Pashley Sonnet regular $999 - now $749! - 22" only
Batavus CS Spirit regular $1250 - now $799! - 57cm only

Also ongoing is our 50% off table!  There are all sorts of items on the table - everything from baskets to fenders, grips to cablesets - hurry down!  

Finally - we found about a dozen pairs of Diadora cycling shoes in the basement, various sizes, all brand new but around 7 years old.  ALL SHOES $30/pair!