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Winter Cycling in Calgary by Shaw TV

"Bikes are not for everybody but neither is driving a car". - Christine Thomas

Wise words.

Car Free in Calgary, 3 Years On

One year of car free living here.

Two years of car free living here.

Has it really been 3 years?  It sure doesn't feel like its been that long.  3 years of getting around this winter city primarily by bike?  Honestly, I am amazed at myself.

When I moved to Calgary from Vancouver back in 1998, the very first thing I did was to buy a car.  Granted, my new job required the daily use of one but it was still the primary mission upon landing here.  I needed a car even before an apartment.  Not long after that I bought into the narrative thatCalgary is a car city, full stop (you need to have a car in is so spread out...transit would you get to the mountains...).

I never rode my bike in the city, in my regular clothes back then except perhaps, to the pub.  I did ride bikes a lot for recreation - road racing, mountain bike racing, free riding, cyclocross, all the training rides - but to ride to the grocery store was just not considered.  I'd hop into my shiny…