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Jan 30, 2015

New Brand Announcement - Breezer Bikes

A little bit about Breezer, pulled from their FB site - 

Breezer is also the original US transportation bike brand, winning more "Editors’ Choice Awards" for their commuter bikes than all other bike companies combined. Breezer transportation bikes represent the pinnacle of modern transportation bike design.

Each and every Breezer today continues to be designed 100% by Joe Breeze. Applying over forty years of engineering and design expertise, Joe makes cutting-edge mountain bikes in carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel, and puts this same critical focus into Breezer transportation bikes that are fast, light, and fun. Joe Breeze - one of the last authentic innovators in the bike world today."

The Breezer Bicycle Company was founded in 1977 when Joe Breeze welded together the first ever mountain bikes. Since then, he has continued to exert a powerful force on the bicycle business creating standout bikes for the urban market too.

Breezer's range of urban bikes offer incredible utility, practical good looks, and a ride quality that is fun and sporty. Every Breezer transport bike we have on offer comes standard with (at minimum) full fenderset, sturdy kickstand, chainguard, rear luggage rack, and a bell - ding!

The bikes featured below are the models we will be offering but if there is something else in the line that tickles your fancy, let us know and we can check into ordering it in.

If you are looking for a new commuter/city/errand bike do yourself a favour and come test ride a Breezer Bicycle.

Downtown 8 Stepthrough. Classic steel frame and fork, 700c wheels, and Shimano's venerable Nexus 8 internally geared hub handles all the shifting duties. Will also fit studded tires for winter use.

Downtown 8 Stepover. All the same features as the Stepthrough but in a classy navy blue.

Uptown 7 Stepthrough. Lightweight aluminum frame and cromoly fork, Shimano's bulletproof 7-speed internally geared shifting system, 26" wheels, and dynamo powered front and rear lighting system - no batteries ever!
Uptown 7 Stepover. Same as the stepthrough model but in an understated olive green colour.
Is this the best out-of-the-box trekking/commuter bike? We think it could be. The Greenway Eilte rides on a lightweight aluminum frame and fork, wide-range 2x10 SRAM drivetrain, hydraulic braking system, "ERGON" brand grips, high quality dynamo powered lighting system, and a full compliment of fenders, rack, kickstand, and bell.
Breezer's Greenway Elite in a stepthrough model glamour shot.

And if the Greenway Elite tickles your fancy but wish it was even more pimped out - the Beltway Elite is your ride. "GATES" centre-track belt drive system plus all the same features found on the Greenway Elite above and just a little bit more zing.

2015 Winterpalooza Photo Booth

What an event!  So much fun and so much excitement surrounding it had those of us that organized it buzzing for days after.

Thanks to everyone that came by to have their picture taken as well as all the volunteers - without you we wouldn't be able to host such great events!

Have a look at the photos from the event by clicking THIS!

Many thanks to Kathrine G. and her team from the City of Calgary, Gerald and the crew from Open Streets, Crave Cupcakes for the tasty eats, Good Earth for the hot chocolate, and Kaffeeklatsch for the caffine!

See you next year!

Jan 27, 2015

Egg-cellent Mid-Winter Ride

Young eggs? Young chickens? You pick.

Windless day with the front range of the Rockies in the distance.

Love that Bragg Creek was settled by a squatter. And the first hostel in all of Canada popped up here.

Really enjoying this 2015 Raleigh Port Townsend. And the Brooks Cambium saddle is lovely on the loins.