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May 30, 2020

New Bikepacking Route: Canals For Daze

Fans of the WID Canal (Western Irrigation District) pathway to Chestermere will likely understand why we were intrigued by the idea of riding more of Alberta's canals: It's peaceful, completely car free, often people free, with wide open views of this beautiful part of Alberta.

One of the interesting parts of the canal system is that it follows a "lay of the land" route instead of the monotonous range/township grid offering an ever-changing view ahead which makes riding out on the Prairie a little less boring.

After some digging in the 'ol intranetwebs this past winter, I found a map of all of the irrigation canals in Southern Alberta and very quickly began linking together some of these canals with those boring rural roads to try and create a route that was available earlier in the season than mountain routes, would be safe and easy for new bikepackers, and explore a part of Alberta often forgotten about.

May 6, 2020

Introducing Access Courier Mobile Repair Service

Hyper-Local Courier And At-Home Bicycle Repair Services

Say hello to Calgary's first dedicated electric cargo bike logistics and at-home bike repair service.

Offering delivery services for small business - Access Courier can help you get your products to your local customers on time and on budget.