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Weekly Roundup of Interesting Bike News May 28 2012

The "Weekly Roundup" is a new series we'll be running on the blog to keep you up to date on lots of interesting bicycle related news floating around the intranetwebs (my new favorite non-word!).

Bikes are cool again and everyday there seems to be more news coming from all over the world about how bicycles are changing our communities for the better.


"Chain Reaction."
The cycle-chic movement sprang from a single photograph taken by a Calgarian in Copenhagen. It’s now a worldwide phenomenon, with cyclists choosing style over speed. They’re contributing to a more sustainable city and looking good, sans helmets.

"High school kids suspended for riding to school"  
On Monday, 64 Kenowa Hill High School seniors biked to school in Walker, Mich. Nice, right? Well, the principal didn’t think so. She suspended the kids for the day and threatened to keep them from walking in their graduation ceremony. Somehow, this one story manages to encapsulate everything …

The Tour Divide - adventuring on an epic scale!

Bike touring can take many forms - from the single overnight trip all the way through to around the world. Some like road touring, some like offroad touring. No matter what style you prefer, the same is always true - adventures are found, people met, and adversity overcome. These fellas decided to tackle one of the toughest adventures possible - The Tour Divide. Enjoy!