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Why You Should Try and Reduce Your Car Usage

There has been a little more chatter than usual in the media about how people in North America are using cars and how those usage patterns are contributing to all sorts of problems to us as individuals and to our society in general.  Health problems like obesity and heart disease are on the rise for children and adults.  CO2 emissions from transportation are a huge contributor to global warming.  Gridlock in the biggest cities in North America is getting worse everyday.  People are spending hours per day commuting in their single occupant vehicles, wasting time, wasting resources, and slowing productivity. Car crashes continue to be the #1 killer of children and teenagers.

I can summarize it like this - we drive too much, it is costing us zillions of dollars, and it is costing us our health too.

However there is a way forward and it is pretty easy to do. Stop driving so much.

Just to be clear - we are not anti-car.  We understand cars are an integral component to the mobility of our…

LikeLike Your BikeBike!

You know what time of year it is?  Yes, it's autumn,  Yes, it's costume wearing season.  And yes, it's get-a-good-deal-on-some-Bobbins season, not to be confused with wabbit season.

All  of our currrent inventory of Bobbin bikes as well as select accessories are on the deepest discount of the year.  You'll more than likelike your new BikeBike, you'll love it!  Especially considering that every Bobbin sold during the sale will come with a free Nantucket basket too - a $55 value.

Limited quantities in some colours and sizes.

Birdie 3-speed - light blue, mint, yellow available - regular $699 - on sale for $529
Birdie 5-speed - red and light blue - regular $799 - on sale for $629
Vintage 5-speed - black only - regular $899 - on sale for $649
Vintage DLX 5-speed - black only - regular $999 - on sale for $729
Daytripper 5-speed - rootbeer - regular $799 - on sale for $549
Daytripper 3-speed - blue - regular $699 - on sale for $449

Also on special is the Bobike Mini+ fro…