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Our Saddle Library Program

Finding a saddle that fits you perfectly can be one of the most difficult things to do. Everybody's body is just a little bit different than everyone else and finding a saddle that works perfectly for YOU is of paramount importance.

There are quite a few elements to proper saddle fit that include but are not limited to - 
body position on the bikeyour flexibilitytype of bikeunderlying medical issues or previous injuries   To help you find the perfect saddle, we have assembled a complete collection across a wide spectrum of styles and price points. Try before you buy and be confident in your purchase.

Here is how the program works:
purchase a $25 saddle library card from BikeBikeyou now have access to up to 24 different saddles - with more then half of them being women's specific modelsour staff will measure your sit bones using a special seat pad you sit on and suggest some options we think might be suitable based on our conversation about the bike you're riding, your posit…

Avoiding Bike Thieves Thievin' Ways

Bicycle theft is a huge, and growing problem in cities all over the world, including our fair city, Calgary Alberta. We've seen double-digit increase in theft for the last few years and the trend line does not seem to be leveling off.

Sadly, bike theft is also not a problem that police in this city are willing do to much about either. While they'll do their best to look through online sale listing to see if they can see any reported stolen bikes listed, they are not actively trying to catch thieves - through a bait bike program for instance. This means the safety of your bike really relies on you, your lock choice, and the strategies you employ to try and keep it safe.

As an example of how prevalent theft is, here is a simple search on Twitter, using "yycbike" and "stolen". SO MANY BIKES! SO MANY BROKEN HEARTS!
So, in the interest of doing what we can to help our community, please consider some of the following strategies that we use in our own lives to keep…