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New Brand Announcement - Raleigh Bicycles

From their website -

"With more than a century of cycling heritage under its wheels, Raleigh Bicycles is one of the most well-respected bicycle brands in the world. Raleigh offers a broad spectrum of bicycles including road, urban, cyclocross, and commuter for all ages and abilities."

We are very excited to now have Raleigh Bicycles in our stable of great bicycle brands.  There have been quite a few big changes with this historic company over the last few years resulting in a great range of bikes that are value-packed.

Below are a couple of models we will be offering this season.  We'll have more then just these models, we just think these are some of the standouts in the line -

Our first batch of bikes has landed.  If you are looking for a new commuter, city, touring, or fixie, do yourself a favour and come test ride a Raleigh - you will be impressed!

Italians Seem To Like It Low, Low, Low.

We had the incredible opportunity to enjoy the 2014 edition of L'Eroica and afterwards hung around Italy for a couple weeks of sightseeing and holidaying.

We visted Florence, Venice (Mira), La Spezia/Portovenere/Cinque Terre, and of course, Tuscany, including Siena and Gaiole.

Straight way we noticed what people were riding and quite often, maybe most often, we watched people cycling slowly on low quality bikes, with obviously low tire pressure, and saddles that were far too low for efficient cycling.


It's just a bicycle being used the way bikes are meant to be used.

Watching people riding bikes for utility in Italy was really interesting. Most often, the bikes were rough looking, cheap even, often comparable to mass-market bikes you'd see at Canadian Tire or Sport Chek. Often equipped with a very inexpensive chain or cable lock, singlespeed, rattling fenders and racks - they just rolled about their cities, getting things done.

Many people had kids seats mounted …