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Say Hello To Tout Terrain Bikes And Trailers - Now Available In Canada

tout terrain has been around now for a dozen years or so, quietly turning out innovative city and adventure bikes mostly for the European market but recognized around the world as some of the most durable, capable, bomb-proof, and fun-to-ride bike models around.

In their own words - the passion for what they do comes through -

"We still have the same passion for cycling as in the year of our company's founding and we still ride and test our own products. Day-to-day we are optimizing the little things and trying to incorporate customer feedback into the development of our products. In this way, we are continually working to improve every detail. Every singletout terrain product is developed for a very specific area of ​​application and often represents the result of years of travel as well as cycling experience. Simple design and clear contours enhance the functionality of the product. Our innovations can sometimes be very small and rather conspicuous by the "omission…

Bike Touring Quebec's P'Tit Train Du Nord

Through all the years of doing various bike tours and bikepacking trips, one thing has been a constant: Nadia has never come along. There were many reasons for that: the trips we've been doing look crazy to her, far too difficult, painful, cold/uncomfortable, she will not ride on highways, and especially her medical condition (she has an ileostomy) made the idea of bike adventures like that hard for her to contemplate.

But something clicked in her about a year ago and she began to see past those things and realized how much fun I was having and decided she wanted a piece of that fun too. So, one day, she asked me: "Do you think you could plan a bike tour that I could do?" - to which I replied "Of course!" So planning began for a bike touring trip and we quickly zoned in on Le P'Tit Train Du Nord in Quebec because it ticked all the boxes we needed for a fun first trip: basically flat, hotels instead of camping, we love visiting Quebec, no highways involved.