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Jan 19, 2012

2012 New Bike Brands

Happy New Year Everyone!

2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year for us - we've made it past the dreaded first 2 years as a new business, we've met and beat our projections (thank you!), and we are diving into a new part of the bicycle industry - touring bikes!

As well of offering a full selection of touring bikes and products, we are also diving deeper into the world of classic city bikes with 2 new brands - one brand new, the other over 100 years old.

First, the brand new brand - Bobbin Bicycles.

Bobbin Bicycles was created by a retail shop in London UK of the same name.  Here is what they are all about, in their own words -

"Bobbin reinvents romantic notions of traditional upright bicycles and makes them relevant to modern life. We’re interested in recapturing the magic and excitement we all felt from riding our first bike. Bobbin bicycles have personalities (and sometimes even names) of their own. The idea that cycling doesn’t have to be sporty is very important to us. Buying a Bobbin means you can arrive at a meeting, an art gallery or a date on time and in style. Our bikes are beautiful, romantic machines. They have useful design features like mudguards, covered chains, hub gears and carrier racks. On them, you can wear your everyday clothes, carry your shopping, portfolio and dog whilst looking effortlessly chic and unflustered.  At Bobbin we believe that bicycles are magical contraptions, charged with the power to transform a journey into an adventure. If you daydream about cutting gracefully and effortlessly through the cityscape then follow us... ...we'll show you the way."

The full range of Bobbin's bikes are expected instore in March. 

Next up is one of the oldest bicycle brands on the planet -  Royal Dutch Gazelle.  

Gazelle is the original Dutch bike brand and is known worldwide for producing bicycles that last a lifetime.  Attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of Gazelle, as well as fantastic durability and maximum comfort for daily cycling use.  The range of product available from Gazelle is vast, everything from the coolest kids bikes ever right on through to MTBs - for our purposes we will be stocking just the Tour Populaire (8-speed) in both stepthrough and classic frames as well as the Tour Basic (3-speed) in stepthrough.

Quite possibly the last city bike you'll ever need!

Finally, we are branching out from upright city bikes into some of the most practical bikes available - touring bikes.  Speedy like a road bike but with a more upright position, bikes that are incredible for carrying gear or simply a weeks worth of groceries, and perfect for commuting during the workweek and adventuring in the countryside on the weekends - the swiss army knife of the bike world.

Brodie's range of cromoly touring bikes are already in stock with Salsa's range of touring bikes arriving this week.  We will have a complete collection of pannier options from Ortlieb and Arkel arriving in March as well as plenty of rack options from Toba, Salsa, Surly, and Old Man Mountain.

2012 may be the year that the world ends for some people, but for us it is the year when we really get going!

Ride your bike - live the adventure and happy 2012 to you!