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Jan 31, 2010

Soooo Close!

Here are a couple sneak peak shots of the upstairs shop and a the changeroom.  Apologies for the low-rez of the pictures, they were taken on my i-phone.

Soon, we will be open.

Very soon!

Jan 27, 2010

Coming to BikeBike - the Joe-Bike 2010 BoxBike

We are very excited to announce that we will be importing from Joe-Bike in Portland, OR the 2010 Box Bike.

(The bike shown is an Eco-Speed equiped Joe-Bike.  For specifications on the bikes we will offer, click on the link above.)

We will have 3 available and have also ordered one of their custom rain covers.  What makes the rain cover so unique is it also extends over the handlebar controls keeping your fingers insulated from the weather.  Nice touch! 

The Joe-Bike BoxBike is based on the classic European "Bakfiets" design, but with a few differences. 

First, Joe-Bike orders the frames from China raw and then has the bikes painted, reinforced, and assembled in Portland.  This allows them to bring the price of the bike down to a more affordable level and also allows them to order more frames per shipment than fully built bikes.  A side benefit is the ability to choose (if you desire) your own frame colour and parts kit.  Although we are ordering the bikes complete, we are of course happy to make any changes you would like.

Second, the box and rain covers are handmade in Portland and there are fancier versions available - like the Galleon style or the lighter weight aluminum and fabric box (again, click the link at the top for more pictures).

Finally, the gearing on the bikes is designed around riding hills (Portland has hills just like ours), making these bikes really fun to ride with a full load of kids, groceries, or deliveries.

We are hoping to have them in the store in February.  Make sure you come check them out and take one for a test ride.  If you are a curious parent, bring your kids and take them for a spin - they will love it!

Cheers!  Keep Warm out there.

Jan 24, 2010


The last 3 weeks have been pretty crazy with all the renovations going on and the seemingly endless trips to Rona for more supplies - when will it end!?

Well, hopefully soon.

The reno's will be over shortly as we have entered the homestretch and are now working on all the detail work - priming, painting, fixture installation, and never-ending cleaning. We are hoping that this will be the last week of the build-out and, with some luck, we can have the city come and signoff on our renovations and issue us our business licence late this week or early next week.

Then, we open the doors. I am giddy with that thought!

Here are a couple progress pics for ya.

Jan 16, 2010

CityBike Conversions at BikeBike

Over at there has been an ongoing discussion about women + bikes + preconceived notions about women in cycling - all of which we won't get into here.  If you want to delve deeper into the conversation, click on the link and dig in.

The point of this post is to simply show what will not happen to you if you are a women who has walked into BikeBike looking for some help or advise.

Cetainly, we can sell you a new bike if you so desire - and we can find you a pink cruiser if you like too! 

However, what we aim to do is to provide women (well, everyone really) with whatever they need to keep cycling everyday.  If, as the cartoon illustrates, you want to upgrade your current bike with more comfortable/utilitarian parts and accessories - we can help. 

We like to call such upgrades CityBike Conversions and we will be stocking much of what the cartoon describes - and more - to make converting your cherished bicycle easy and affordable.  Also, we have set aside some space in the store to provide a "fitting area" so you can experience what your bike will feel like with the upgrades you have chosen, before they are installed.  For more information on this service or to book an appointment, give us a call or drop us an email.

We know that many people love their beat up, or old, hand-me-down bikes (or and expensive bike that isn't fitting well for city riding) and simply want to make them more useful and we also appreciate that not everyone has the means to buy a new bike whenever the fancy strikes them.  Keep your current bike going with a few key upgrades and a small investment in parts and accessories.

Why buy a whole new bike if you don't have too?  Keep that old bike out of the landfill - by simply upgrading a few things and - BLAM-O! - your new converted city bike! 

CityBike Conversions at BikeBike - the economical way to keep riding, everyday.

Jan 15, 2010


This is our "new" number as the original one supplied to us has a flat tire and is not repairable.

Please update your directories.


Post Less

Hey Folks

Just a quick note that we have been very busy on the store's buildout - hence the lack of posts.  I am hoping to get some pics of the interim progress posted here but the store is so full of materials and tools there isn't much to look at.

Hopefully we will be done the "heavy lifting" by the end of the weekend and I can get some decent pics for you.


Jan 3, 2010

Let The Demolition Begin!

We are into the space and the demo's have been completed as of typing this. Wow! It was a lot of work and big thank you's need to go out to Blue, Trev, Kyle, and Dad - you guys rock!

Next up is materials purchasing/delivery and hopefully the buildout will start in ernest on Wednesday. The amount of work remaining seems a little overwhelming right now but I know that all we need to do is just get going and it will all happen right on schedule.

These pics are the "Before" shots to give you an idea of the space.

Ciao for now.