Jan 27, 2010

Coming to BikeBike - the Joe-Bike 2010 BoxBike

We are very excited to announce that we will be importing from Joe-Bike in Portland, OR the 2010 Box Bike.

(The bike shown is an Eco-Speed equiped Joe-Bike.  For specifications on the bikes we will offer, click on the link above.)

We will have 3 available and have also ordered one of their custom rain covers.  What makes the rain cover so unique is it also extends over the handlebar controls keeping your fingers insulated from the weather.  Nice touch! 

The Joe-Bike BoxBike is based on the classic European "Bakfiets" design, but with a few differences. 

First, Joe-Bike orders the frames from China raw and then has the bikes painted, reinforced, and assembled in Portland.  This allows them to bring the price of the bike down to a more affordable level and also allows them to order more frames per shipment than fully built bikes.  A side benefit is the ability to choose (if you desire) your own frame colour and parts kit.  Although we are ordering the bikes complete, we are of course happy to make any changes you would like.

Second, the box and rain covers are handmade in Portland and there are fancier versions available - like the Galleon style or the lighter weight aluminum and fabric box (again, click the link at the top for more pictures).

Finally, the gearing on the bikes is designed around riding hills (Portland has hills just like ours), making these bikes really fun to ride with a full load of kids, groceries, or deliveries.

We are hoping to have them in the store in February.  Make sure you come check them out and take one for a test ride.  If you are a curious parent, bring your kids and take them for a spin - they will love it!

Cheers!  Keep Warm out there.


La Coccinelle said...

oh wow I wouldn't mind owning one of those. With the price of the bakfiets I might as well get a car...still at two grand the price is still steep.

BikeBike said...

Hey La Coccinelle

I think if you really want to make comparisons you need to factor in all the items that go into owning a vehicle including, but not limited to - insurance, parking, fuel, oil changes, tickets, repairs, etc, etc, etc.

Studies show that the average cost of owning a car costs between $8000 and $11000 every year.

With a cargo bike, your costs are - the bike itself, a good lock, and probably a tune-up once a year. Plus, you can cancel your gym membership because you are getting your exercise pedalling.

Hardly comparable, don't you think?