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Nov 28, 2015

Financing Now Available!

Big news, that's been a long time coming!

I am sure we can all agree, the sticker price of a new cargobike (or any high quality machine) can sometimes be more then most of us can afford all at once, making it difficult to add a new vehicle to your family's transport options.

After much searching and interviewing of potential partners, we have finally found a financing partner - Financeit - based in Toronto, Ontario that offers fair rates, easy application processes, and no hidden fees or charges. At 12.99% (plus a small account setup fee) their rate is very reasonable and you can take as short or as long as you want to pay off the loan. Of course, paying if off as fast as possible is in your best interest and they make that part easy to with no penalties for early/immediate repayment.

Their app-based application can pre-qualify you in minutes right here in the shop - or - you can submit the forms from the comfort of your own home, at a time that works best for you.

We'll be up-and-running with program starting December 1 2015. If you have any questions about the program, just drop us an email, give us a ring, or pop into the shop when you get a chance.

Felice Ciclismo!

Nov 21, 2015

2015 Urban Cycling Gift Guide

Looking for a cycling related gift for the urban cyclist on your list?  We've put together a collection of unique, functional, and stylish ideas to keep your favorite biker rolling.

Abus Helmet

Abus has made a name for itself in our shop for ultra-high quality bike locks but has also been making helmets for years, including the Hyban and Urban V-1 which come stock with a tail light built into the back the helmet and lots of fun colours (as well as few understated colours too).

Lezyne Light

Know for their engineering and design, Lezyne's range of lighting products are easy to use, USB rechargeable, and feature a "gas gauge" which tells you when your battery life is running low. We have plenty of price point options to fit every budget.

Swrve Jeans

Swrve has been our go to trouser supplier for many years now because, quite simply, they fit great, look great, and ride great. There are many styles to choose from - cordura jeans, durable cotton trousers, and even lined/insulated winter pants that will keep you looking good and keep you warm in dry all winter long.

Abus Lock

Bike theft in Calgary is on a meteoric rise these last few years, choosing the right bike lock is more important then ever. Quite simply - if your lock isn't heavy enough to give that crack-addict-bike-thief a head injury - it is also not secure enough. Abus' "Bordo" range of locks meet the above criteria and also come with a handy bike mounted holster making biking/transporting that heavy lock easy and convenient.


Give the gift of music - booming, awesome sounding music that is also water and shock resistant. Riding with tunes is always nice, but instead of headphones and the subsequent "tune-out" of the environment around you, why not consider a Boombotix. Put it on your bike, your backpack, or bring along hiking or camping - Boombotix sound systems are USB rechargeable, Bluetooth compatible, and ultra portable.


Everyone that cycles through the winter months has their own piece of gear or clothing that makes the difference between being super comfy or downright miserable. For us, that key item is a Buff neckwarmer. Cheap and cheerful, multifunctional, and useful for everything from skiing, waiting for the bus, or cycling to work.


Having a hard time keeping your digits warm in winter? You might want to consider adding a set of pogies to your bike. Barmitts pogies allow you to use a much thinner glove offering more comfort and control throughout the winter. There are models for all styles of bikes - mountain bikes, commuter/city style bikes, and road bikes.

Studded Tires

The ultimate winter cycling product for Calgary's crazy winters. Our notorious freeze/thaw cycle can create really variable road conditions that can change by the hour. Spikey rubber can give you the extra confidence to tackle winter head-on, vanquishing thoughts of crashing or sliding out on ice. Available in most sizes for most bikes on the market.

Gift Cards

Give the gift of...the perfect gift! No more guessing. No more mistakes. Just the promise of something super rad from our shop. Available in any denomination you like.