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Financing Now Available!

Big news, that's been a long time coming!

I am sure we can all agree, the sticker price of a new cargobike (or any high quality machine) can sometimes be more then most of us can afford all at once, making it difficult to add a new vehicle to your family's transport options.

After much searching and interviewing of potential partners, we have finally found a financing partner - Financeit - based in Toronto, Ontario that offers fair rates, easy application processes, and no hidden fees or charges. At 12.99% (plus a small account setup fee) their rate is very reasonable and you can take as short or as long as you want to pay off the loan. Of course, paying if off as fast as possible is in your best interest and they make that part easy to with no penalties for early/immediate repayment.

Their app-based application can pre-qualify you in minutes right here in the shop - or - you can submit the forms from the comfort of your own home, at a time that works best for you.

We'll b…

2015 Urban Cycling Gift Guide

Looking for a cycling related gift for the urban cyclist on your list?  We've put together a collection of unique, functional, and stylish ideas to keep your favorite biker rolling.

Abus Helmet

Lezyne Light

Swrve Jeans

Abus Lock




Studded Tires

Gift Cards

New Cargobike Announcement: The Haul-A-Day by Bike Friday

We are very excited to be bringing one of the only (affordable) North American made cargobikes to Canada - say hello to Bike Friday's Haul-A-Day longtail cargobike.

Bike Friday (the company) has been hand making travel bikes in Oregon since 2001. Initially they focused on bicycles for people to use travelling all over the world. In 2008 they began to focus on the urban market with a model called the "tikit" and it wasn't too long before the Haul-A-Day was born out of a super successful Kickstarter campaign.

We bought into that Kickstarter campaign (a frameset/wheels) thinking and hoping that this bike could be an answer to one of our biggest challenges which was: Where is the one-size-fits-all cargobike demanded by the market? In our shop, one of our challenges was fitting the wildly different heights of many couples who want a cargobike. We bought the bike hoping it could answer this puzzle and we are delighted to report it has.

With the purchase of the bare framese…