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Buying Local Matters, Support Your Local Bike Shop.

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Why Buying Local is Worth Every Cent Infographic by CustomMade

Tariffs on Bicycles Imported to Canada

The vast majority of bicycles sold in Canada through all the retail channels including Costco, Walmart, Canadian Tire - and of course the "mom and pop" bike shops (shops like us) come from the far east - place like China, Taiwan, Indonesian, and Vietnam.  And that's cool.  Those countries make awesome bikes and they're full of cool people.  Bikes from brands like Trek, Specialized, Giant, Linus, Norco (really, name your brand)...brands you may know and even own, are all made there.  Those factories have the latest frame building and robotic technology and can produce bikes of amazing quality - very often far better than what can be made in Canada.

These bikes are subject to various import duties, that in some cases go as high as 63%.  Here is an example - if BikeBike buys a bike that was made in one of these countries that bike is subject to a 13% duty if it is a complete bike or an 8% duty if it is just a frameset (frame/fork). If we want to buy a bike from one of …