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Go Green Go Dutch Go Bike

Hey, how often do you get to go for a bike ride with royalty? 

Not very often - so make sure you shine up your bike, and ride on down to Eau Claire Market on May 16th.  If you preregister here i think you get a fancy orange tshirt and there are also $5 raffle tickets to win a Batavus BuB, with all the proceeds going to charity. 

We will be there as well, riding Dutch bikes, naturally!

Hope to see you there!

Cargo Bikes Can Be A Part of Your Own Solution

I have been pondering this post for many months now and the tragedy unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico this past week has got me thinking - I wonder if more North American families chose to reduce their automobile usage, maybe there would have been no need to drill in the first place?  Here is another, similar perspective on this...

The sad reality is that for the better part of the last 50 years we have been sold the idea that owning a home in the suburbs, with a 2-car garage, a heavily manicured lawn, widescreen TV in the home theatre room, and a couple of vehicles in said garage was not just something to possibly work towards - but that all of those things are our god-given right here in the Land Of Opportunity - aka North America.  Not only that, we have also come to expect that all our communities should be built around the automobile and that everyone should drive their car everywhere - and we have elected people who have done just that for us. 

Well, some people have begun to qu…