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Our Favorite Calgary Rides - Bow River Explorer

This ride is part of a series of rides around Calgary. All rides are mostly off-street/pathway and are of varying lengths/difficulty level to accomodate all of you that love adventures.
The longer routes do require some level of route finding/navigating as Calgary does not yet have very good route finding system. We've attached links to Map My Ride routes to make it really easy to use your smartphone. 
(We are not recommending Map My Ride's app but we've successfully used it all ove rthe world to find and follow routes. It's free but does require a data plan).

Other rides in the series - 
* Nosehill Up-And-Over
* Fish Creek Loop
* The Chestermere Run 
* Pathway 100km Distance: 31km
Difficulty Level: Easy
Ride Time: 1-1/2 to 2-1/2hrs
MapMyRide Route Link:

This is our go-to ride for anyone looking for a great introduction to cycling in Calgary. This loop is easy to navigate, entirely on river paths, has plenty of views, rest spots,…