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New Brand Announcement - Papillionaire Bicycles

Bike from Jonathan DeNicholas on Vimeo.

Some words directly from Papillionaire's site -

Papillionaire Bicycles was founded in Australia in 2009 by Alan Caras, he was soon joined by his sister, Nicola Baker.  Our aim is to integrate bike-riding seamlessly into your everyday life. Whether you’re in jeans, a dress, a suit or flip-flops, riding a Papillionaire is easy, clean and fun, with each model customizable to suit your own unique style. We've worked tirelessly to create bikes not only chic and modern, but built to last a lifetime, bringing classic European design to the streets of the US.

The secret to the amazing ride quality of Papillionaire's bikes starts with the frameset: made from very high quality 4130 cromoly (not basic high-tensile steel, like the rest of their competitors) and featuring lugged construction (instead of their competitors TIG-welded design) - these bikes feel lighter and faster then other similarly styled bicycles.

Speaking of style - Papilli…