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BikeBike 2.0 - Canada's First Transport Boutique

What is a "Transport Boutique"? 

We've always been focused on transport (not sport) cycling since we first opened the doors in February 2010. When we opened all those years ago, we felt that the bike shop ecology in Calgary was really one dimensional - focused almost exclusively on sport cycling. There was no place to buy a traditional European-styled, upright city bike, bike mounted baby seats, or even good quality baskets. Most shops had zero idea what a cargo bike was or why you'd even want one. Even touring/adventure bikes were almost non-existent in the marketplace. We set out to bring these practical, durable, capable, and fun to ride bikes to you - and at the same time get more bums on seats - in an effort to change the bicycle ecology in Calgary for the better. We feel like we've succeeded so far but there is more work to be done.

The boutique part is easy: Small is beautiful. We're small on purpose. We feature unique and hard to find products, impor…