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Sep 23, 2010

Brilliant Batavus Commercial

Bicycle companies have historically been terrible at creating television advertisements that appeal to the average Joe/Jane- if creating them at all!  The only bicycle ads I have ever seen on TV usually coincide with the yearly doper circus we know as The Tour de France, and those ads, 99.99999% of the time show some superfit, emaciated, pro rider scaling some mountain or winning a bunch sprint on a $10,000 carbonfibre-whiz-bang-speed machine - hardly average Joe/Jane activities or products. 

Thankfully the Dutch have come to the rescue with their reknowed sensibility and dry humor.  The commercial is in Dutch, but is translated as follows -

The first guy says "Hey neighbour, ESP, ABS, fog lamps, 16 inch rims and 6 gears."
The second guy says "28 inch rims, 8 gears, high power lights and computer integrated in the steering. My wife and daughter have the same."

Great stuff!

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