Oct 10, 2010

2011 New Bike Brands!

We are very excited and pleased to be Calgary's exclusive dealer for two cool bike brands - one is very new, one is very old.  Say hello to LINUS and Raleigh!

First, lets talk about LINUS.  Based in Venice Beach, California, LINUS arrived on the scene just last year and in that short time, has received a ton of positive press about both their designs and ride quality.  I think you'll agree, LINUS bikes are very classic looking, chic, perhaps even fashionable - with a ride quality that is both comfortable and nimble.

The 2011 lineup includes the Roadster's and Dutchi's in singleseed, 3-speed, and 8-speed options as well as two "retro" styled bikes - the Gaston and Dover - with 5-speed internal gearing with downtube shifter.  The Mixte model is available in 3-speed and a new 8-speed version too.

Delivery of these fine bicycles is still a little ways off - perhaps March 2011- but we are so pleased to add them to our lineup we just had to tell you now!


Since we opened the shop in February 2010, we have had many customers bringing in their old Raleigh bikes for service and upgrades and have been touched by the passion that these customers have for their old bikes.

Generally speaking, these customers !adore! their Raleigh bikes and will do whatever is necessary to keep them rolling.  In all honesty, that passion for this grand old bike brand was probably the biggest reason why we wanted to offer them.  Well, that, and the fact that their city bikes are really nice looking and offer a ton of value. 

We will be offering two models to start - the Sprite ($350) and the Roadster ($550).  The Sprite is their entry-level city bike with full fenders, 3-speed internal gearing, and classic city bike design - available in both classic frame and step-throughs.  (Oh, did I mention its is actually made in Canada?)  The Roadster is another full-fendered city bike, but with an 8-speed derailleur setup - offering a wider gear range and more versatility.  The Roadster is also available in classic and stepthrough frames.

Raleigh Roadsters

We will also have access to the other cool bikes in Raleigh's lineup like the Alley Way, One Way, Clubman, and Sojourn.

We are expecting our first shipment of Roadsters this week and Sprite's around Christmas time.

Steel is real baby!

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