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Nov 6, 2012

Interesting Bike News Nov.6, 2012

Our (sort of) weekly compilation of interesting bicycle related media and news. 


- Post Hurricane Sandy Cycling Surge - "that" storm on the East Coast sure did pack a wallop, knocking out power to millions, flooding car and train tunnels, and stranding millions in their communities.  However, if you had a bike you were able to get back to normal simply by hopping on a bike and pedaling away.

- Here is a great video from the night the storm hit New York.  A couple of people on bikes were able to navigate around a deserted downtown Ney York City, wild.

- In local advocacy news, Bike Calgary has been able to have the Alberta Driver's Guide (the book you need to study to get your learner's licence) updated to include proper wording and considerations for bicycles. Sure, it may seem like a small victory but they all count!

- A neighbourhood in Calgary ok's bike lanes, then wants them removed, reasons unknown.  What gives? 

- A bike share system (like Montreal's BIXI system) is included in Calgary's Comprehensive Cycling Strategy however the City is hoping it will be funded by a private company

- A network of cycle tracks is coming to the downtown core of Calgary - yippy!

- Have we entered the "Age of the Bicycle", the Times of London asks aloud?

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