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Mar 30, 2013

March Full Moon Ride Recap via Twitter

Our first Full Moon Ride of the year went down last night with 55+ people showing up, far surpassing our wildest guesses on total participation.  During the day we were taking bets amongst the staff on how many might show - I took a "wild guess" and said 25 - boy, was I wrong!  Not bad for a ride in March with plenty of snow and ice still on the ground.

Following are some tweets from a few of the riders -

 It was great to see so many new faces and plenty of first timers.

Drivers were very patient with the group, considering we took up a whole lane over a block long!

Still plenty of ice and snow out there.


Huddling around the fire to keep warm.

Thanks to everyone that made time to come ride with us!  We hope everyone had a splendid time and plan on coming out to the next one in April, on the 25th to be exact.  Details here, mark your calendars!.

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