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Aug 22, 2016

2016 Calgary Cargo Bike Championship

Last year we hosted Calgary's first ever cargo bike meetup, which was good fun and saw a pretty solid turn out but something was lacking and many at that meetup were asking - " Why don't we host a cargo bike race?" To which we replied: Sure!

So here we are: one year later and Calgary's Cargo Bike Championship went down under glorious sunshine and pretty hot weather for us, around 30c degrees.

Racers and families met up in a local park for registration and before long we were off to the race course, just a block away in an alleyway free of cars and pedestrians. The best part was actually the shade from the burning hot sunshine.

22 people signed up to race in either the Long John or Lobg Tail class, with one Burley Travoy trailer and one Weehoo trailer too. The race itself was pretty straight forward:

- racers had to be touching their bike at the gun
- then load either a cardboard bike box or 2 car tires onto their bike
- race to the turnaround point and come back
- reload the second cargo item and complete another lap

It was great to see the various loading strategies (help loading was deemed ok by the race jury) and there were plenty of laughs to be had. Without exception, everyone had a great time - including the huge contingient of children hanging around with their parents. Hint: a big box of chalk goes a long way :)

And now...drum roll are the results:

Long John Men
  1. Erik (Bakfiet.NL) 4:44
  2. Jose (Bullitt) 5:09
  3. Gilles (JoeBike) 5:18
  4. Dale (Trio) 5:35
  5. Mike (Bullitt) 5:38
Long John Women 
  1.  Laura (Metrofiets) 6:31
Long Tail Men
  1. Jeremy (Xtracycle) 4:42
  2. Yani (Xtracycle) 5:42
  3. Adam (Surly) 5:47
  4. Michael (Yuba) 6:22 *with child onboard*
  5. Dan (Surly) 7:46 *with child onboard*
Longtail Women
  1.  Solita (Yuba) 6:28
  2. Ying (Yuba) 7:46
  3. Carolyn (Yuba) 8:38 *with child onboard*
WeeHoo Category
  1. Sara 9:46 *with child onboard*
Travoy Category
  1. Rebecca 9:45
Heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us for the afternoon, we hope you had as much fun as we did and we're hoping you'll join us again in 2017.

To tie you over till then, here is a little video montage of some of the action.  See you in 2017!

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