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Mar 29, 2017

New Brand Announcement - Hello! Surly Bikes!

Utility. Versatility. Durability.

That it has taken us this long to get this brand in our store is probably worthy of a separate ranty post about the vagarities of the mainstream bike biz, but in an effort to stay positive and keep on keepin' on, we are really happy to finally have Surly Bikes in our shop - a brand that encompasses the same ethos as us: bikes for regular people, who like to do regular bikey things, in regular clothes, and sometimes get a little adventerous too. Kinda like Diana Prince most of the time with a dose of Wonder Woman here and there.

Carry everything. - via Surly's website

Utility - - - No matter which bike you choose, every Surly bike is designed from the ground up to be useful as a tool of life, not just a sporting object. Fatter tires, rack and fender mounts are standard on every bike and many models come with enough eyelets to weigh down a mobster in the river. What this means to you is the ability to not only have fun riding Surly bikes, you can bring the party too.

ECR decked out for a 300 mile ride - via Surly's website

Versatility - - - Most of the bikes in their range can be configured in multiple ways. Want to run road-style bars for a cross Canada tour on your Trucker? Sure! Had enough of that setup after riding 5000kms and want to sit up taller and use your Trucker as a commuter/grocery getter? Sure! Are you feeling the cyclocross vibe and want to try a few races on your Cross Check? No problem! Want to setup your Cross Check singlespeed through the winter to save $$$ on maintenance? Done deal!

These bikes are only limited by your imagination and where you want to take it.

The brand new Big Fat Dummy - ultra cargo knows no limits. - via Surly's website

Durability - - - Steel is real, friend. Plain and simple. Tough and compliant. Cheap and cheerful. There is no better material for making bikes that can take what you dish at them. We won't bore you with all the in's and out's - just click on that link and let the Surly folks explain it to you.

Ogre in overnighter pj's. - via Surly's website
Being the little-bike-shop-on-the-prairie that we are, we simply can't carry every model they offer so we'll be focusing on their commuter/road/touring/adventure/cargo bikes and are more then happy to chase down a trail/fatbike if that's your jam.

We hope that's cool with you.

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