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Dec 16, 2017


We were spending too much time in the social media cesspool of negative cyclist opinion and it was bumming us out real bad, man - so decided to try and turn that frown upside down by asking our network why they choose to ride bikes.

As expected, the answers brightened our spirit and made us smile. The responses fell into a few key categories and here they all are for your enjoyment.

We hope you smile too.

Oh ya - we also ran a contest for a $20 gift card to our shop for those entries that tagged us. And the winner'll have to scroll to the bottom to find out.  Cheeky, we know.

Beauty and Seasons

Family Time and Healthy Living

New Realms/Adventure

Faster Then Other Modes 

Because It's Fun

There we quite a few people who also added their voices to the #IBikeBecause but either didn't give wink about the contest or just plain hate us - we don't know - but their contributions are important and we respect them all the same. :) So click HERE to check out the thread.

Oh ya...the contest for the $20 GC. The winner is.....>drum roll sound<.......Ta....Dum.....Sis...Krista aka @SwimBikeRun.

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