Jun 8, 2010

Batavus Bikes Just Keep on Rolling!

It started like this - a customer phoned from Central Alberta trying to put his mum's old bike back together for her but was stymied by the ice cream pail full of odd looking bike bits and generally old nature of the bike. 

We were happy to assist, at first with a bag of new parts and cables.  Eventually, the bike arrived here with aforementioned ice cream pail of parts, and the new bits he had purchased too - with a plea to please help sort this all out.

Well, we were able to get the bike back to running condition again and were amazed at what great condition the bike was in - especially considering the bike was at least 30 years old!

Batavus prides itself on producing bicycles that can last a lifetime and this older machine proves that they know what they are doing.  The paint finish was still beautiful, the rims were shining like they were brand new (thats stainless steel for you!) , and everything was working like it was just rolled off the sales floor yesterday. 


Batavus Bikes are, to this day, still made with durability and longevity as core guiding principles and we are proud to be able to sell these fine examples of European cycle excellence!

Todays Batavus bikes are the epitome of fine city bikes - the leader in efficient, stylish cycle transportation.  Come check them out here at BikeBike and feel free to try one or two out on a test ride. 

You will be amazed at how easy they are to ride - and how young and full of happiness you feel too!

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