Jun 15, 2010

BikeBike Night Missions Group Rides

(photos courtesy of Jimmy Glass)

One of our founding missions here at BikeBike was to expose Calgarians to some of the amazing bicycle infrastructure that exists here.  We are truely blessed with what we have here - namely, the largest urban pathway network in North America, stretching over 600km - and that doesn't even include all the  on-street bikeways which add another 300+kms to the total!

(The fact that these pathways and bikeways do not yet constitute a usable, contiguous network will be tackled in a post at some later date!) 

I have lost track already on the number of customers and friends who have said they have not ridden certain amazing sections of the pathway - like the Glenmore Reservoir or out towards Pearce Estates.  Sadly, many Calgarians (including experienced cyclists) do not use the pathways very often or worse, don't even know they exist - so, we at BikeBike have been leading these exploratory "Night Missions" to show those that attend all that the pathways have to offer.  Best of all, we ride at night so we have the entire pathway network to ourselves!

We would like to encourage all of you reading this to come out on the next ride and enjoy a fun, mellow bike ride.  The pace is super-chill and good times are always just a few pedal strokes away!

The pictures shown are just a few images from our last adventure.

We hope to see you at the next ride - June 26th - The Full Moon in June v2.0.

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