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Jan 14, 2011

Calgary's Own Version of Pedalpalooza?

Hey Calgary, lets get organized and create a week of bike events in June, ok?  Edmonton does it.  Portland does it.  Vancouver does it.  Even Peterborough Ontario has a winter bike week.  We are wondering, why does't Calgary have a week of bike fun?  What's the hangup? 

June is Bike Month in Canada and the perfect time to be out riding bikes.  Summer is just around the corner at this time and people are pulling their bikes out of winter storage and hitting the streets and pathways.  Everyone is pumped for a summer of bike fun - what better time is there to bring attention to the fun that riding bikes is and the transformative power of the bicycle on our society.

Not sure what kind of bike events to organize?  My suggestion is to check out some of the events that are organized by the cities highlighted above for some inspiration.  Clinics, night rides, food-focused rides, mountain bike rides in the city - the options are only limited by your imagination.

So, wudduya say?  Will you organize some bike fun of some kind?

Let us know what you think - is Calgary ready?  Spread the word and lets turn up the volume on bike fun in Calgary!

*** UPDATE ***

The first meeting of interested parties is scheduled for this Thursday February 3 at 630pm at BikeBike.  The aim of the meeting is to flesh out some go forward strategies and get the plaaning process rolling.
See you there?

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