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Jan 13, 2011

Dynamo Lighting Upgrades

Dynamo lighting (aka generator lights) has come a long way since the days of those annoying little units that rub on the side of your tire making a lot of noise and sadly not producing much useful light.  Certainly you can still get those "bottle" type generators but nowadays the better option is to use a hub powered dynamo and LED light.  Totally silent, super bright, much more efficient, no batteries ever - and in this case, a "standlight" which keeps the light on for a few minutes when you stop.  Progress.  Ya gotta love it!

Tired of spending oodles of cash on batteries that never last that long?  Had enough of thieves stealing your light off your bike?  We have the solution - upgrade your 700c wheeled bike to dynamo power.  The upgrade lighting package we have assembled consists of a Busch + Muller Lumotec Oval+, Shimano DH-3D72 dynamo hub ( 32H disc compatible), DT stainless spokes, and the versatile Alex DM18 700c silver rim that works with canti brakes, V-brakes, or discs. 

Here are the options -

- Option 1 - Buy a new bike from BikeBike and upgrade it.  If you purchase a new bike from us without lighting and want to upgrade it, we can do it for $150.00, install it for you, and show you how it works, and you're off.  Tah! Dah! - you're lit!

- Option 2 - Already have a suitable 700c wheeled bike?  Plop down $200 and we'll install it for you, show you how it operates, and you're good to go too.

No more dead batteries.  No more lost lights.  

Light up the night.  Efficiently.  Silently. 

On top of these dynamo products, we also stock dynamo hubs from Sturmey-Archer and SON, lights from Planet Bike and Supernova, and many different rim options depending on your intended bike and use. 

Stay lit!

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